Integrated Communication and Environment Control

IntelliGaze has been extended to provide frequently requested features. The goal is to provide an all-in-one package for PALS and other typically computer literate users, who need flexible message banking and environment control beyond IntelliGaze's proven offering of superior Windows desktop interaction.


ICC - Key Features

Gaze Editable

Users can now not just store individual messages, but change and enhance their own communication board and environmental control screen - with eye gaze only.


Foreign family members or helpers can now be more easily addressed with bilingual message fields and an alternative voice setting. ICC supports all free voices provided by Windows 10 or 3rd party SAPI voices, i.e. Ivona.

7000+ Icons Included

ICC includes a large, searchable icon library. There is also support for gaze enabled online search and the use of locally saved images.

Environment Control

ICC provides seamless access to environmental control hardware, like Easywave [RF] and BJlive [RF & IR]. Alternatively Amazon Echo can be used through voice commands.

Seamless Integration

ICC is seamlessly integrated with the on-screen keyboard. Quick switches between Windows, Quick-Communication and ICC have been a design priority.

Easy to Use

While using ICC can really be described as fool-proof, also editing and extending it does not require any special training. Functions for complete backups and partial roll-backs support the adventurous user.

ICC Video Introduction

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