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alea technologies IntelliGaze products enable physically challenged users to maintain communication with their environment and improve their quality of life.

Building on its market leading eye tracking performance, IntelliGaze offers the complete range of gaze control for sophisticated computer access to easy to use engagement and communication modes.

  • explore eyegaze activities - learn to use your eyes for interaction.
  • easy to use computer access - remain at work, stay in contact, enjoy yourself playing games, access the web, watch movies.
  • get a voice - use symbol or text communication to participate in daily life
  • control environment - take control of the world, access home automation or even drive a wheelchair

IntelliGaze Features

intuitive tracking feedback

The tracking status helps caretakers and users to position in front of a display. Under challenging situations the display tracking status can show a real camera image.

freedom of head movement

IntelliGaze allows the user to freely move the head within the tracking box in front of a display. The accuracy does not degrade during and after head movements.

easy and versatile calibration

Users may choose between a fast or a high accuracy gaze calibration. The IntelliGaze calibration works at the pace of the user. There is even a zero point calibration for an instant start with eye gaze.

robust tracking under varying conditions

IntelliGaze can be used under varying conditions, no matter if a face mask or glasses are used, whether the user's cognition is weak or just one eye is visible. Outdoor operation is possible as well as in bedroom or classroom environments.

built-in gaze assistant

IntelliGaze comes with the tool Gaze Assistant to analyze and understand users vision capabilities and to advise optimal screen position and calibration parameters.

one software fits all

No matter if used in a classroom, as a communication package or as desktop control software, IntelliGaze adopts to the needs of the user and caretaker. It either offers minimalistic and simple access to core functions or it provides unique and novel features to operate a PC as it would be done with touch, mouse or keyboard.

utilizes all functions of users

IntelliGaze allows users to make use of a wide range of inputs such as blink, gaze, finger movements or head switches to speed up the interaction with applications. All input channels can be used at the same time.

high precision and accuracy

IntelliGaze allows you to click tiny desktop elements. With the help of the interactive automatic magnifier, users can archieve pixel precise computer interaction.

unique power saving

With its unique power saving features, IntelliGaze allows you to maximize the battery run time of your Tablet PC.

IntelliGaze Packages

IG4 License Model


Intelligaze features a unique, modular design, where only the required functionality needs to be installed. An easy license upgrade can be provided at any time, even remotely.

  • Starter Edition - Engage early users in eye gaze activities.
  • Communication Edt. - Provide high-precision input to selected AAC packages.
  • 360 Edt. - Complete control over the Windows desktop and touch interface.



Feature Matrix
  Starter Edt. Communication
360 Edt.
Simple mouse cursor emulation. X X X
Advanced calibration functions. X X X
Integrated gaze recording.. X X X
Integration with 3rd party communication package, i.e. Grid2/3, Rolltalk, MindExpress4   X X
Complete Windows desktop and touch interface control.     X
Advanced application profiles.     X
Integrated, multi-lingual keyboard with learning word-prediction.     X
Quick communication page with Text-2-Speech functions.     X
ICC - Communication & Environment Control. [IG v.5+]     X (optional)

Be more independent, communicate to others, enjoy web access, play games, control your environment. 

How others are using their IntelliGaze eye tracker.

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