Eye Tracking

The alea technologies eye tracking sensor is tolerant to head movements, sun-light, vision impairments and copes with most vision aids. State of the art technology ensures that the widest range of users can access the computer with the highest accuracy.

Easy to Use

IntelliGaze is a plug and play gaze interaction system. It empowers users to communicate, control the environment or operate Windows applications just with the eyes.

Gaze Recording

IntelliGaze offers a built-in gaze and audio recording function to analyze and understand users' vision and cognitive capabilities.

Desktop Control

No matter whether you prefer office programs, social media or entertainment - IntelliGaze opens the whole world of computer access to advanced users.

Power Saving

IntelliGaze is optimized for mobile platforms. Its unique power saving features extend the mobility of users.

Fun for Kids

Teachers and parents can start right away with IntelliGaze Assisted Mode. It allows engaging gaze activities for children, even without gaze calibration. IntelliGaze is motivating and educational and supports many 3rd party applications.

ICC - IntelliGaze v5.5 with Integrated Communication & Environment Control

IntelliGaze 5.5 includes a quickly accessible, freely configurable communication and environmental control extension - ICC.
Key features:

  • completely gaze-editable content and layout
  • bi-lingual messages
  • 7.000+ icons included
  • online image search (100.000+ images)
  • environmental control via IR and RF
  • seamless integration

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